Lehi Medium-Duty Towing

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Our medium-duty towing solutions in Lehi are designed to meet the demands of clients who own vehicles surpassing the limits of standard towing but don’t reach the colossal size of semi-trucks or RVs. Located in the Lehi region of Utah County, we possess a fleet of modern medium-duty trucks capable of handling vehicles weighing between 12 to 28 thousand pounds.

These vehicles include delivery trucks, utility vans, and other mid-sized vehicles that require special attention during towing. Our medium-duty trucks combine power and precision, ensuring the secure and efficient transportation of these vehicles without any risk of damage or delays.

Acknowledging the distinct nature of each towing scenario, Lehi Towing Company tailors its medium-duty towing services to meet the specific needs and preferences of our diverse clientele, whether they are businesses or individuals. Rest assured, our dedication is centered on providing a professional and reliable medium-duty towing service that prioritizes the safety of your valuable vehicles.

Utah County RV/Motorhome Recovery

Lehi Towing Company offers specialized recovery services tailored specifically for mid-sized RVs, with the goal of promptly and efficiently addressing your needs to facilitate a swift return to the road. Our expertise extends to the recovery of Class B and C motorhomes, as well as trailers and camper vans, making us the preferred choice for a diverse range of mid-sized RV towing situations.

Our skilled team handles Class B motorhomes, known for their compact yet functional design, and Class C motorhomes, distinguished by unique features, with precision and care during the recovery process. Our meticulous approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of proper towing procedures, covering everything from hitching to transit.

In addition to motorhomes, our recovery services encompass trailers and camper vans, providing thorough coverage for various mid-sized recreational vehicles. Whether exploring Utah with your Class B or Class C motorhome, enjoying outdoor adventures with your camper van, or hauling a trailer, Lehi Towing Company is prepared to deliver reliable and professional recovery services. Count on us to navigate the recovery journey swiftly and with meticulous attention, ensuring your mid-sized RV is back on the road seamlessly, allowing you to continue your travels without interruption.

Making Your Roadside Troubles Go Away

Adhering to rigorous standards, we prioritize the safety of both you and your vehicle throughout the entire towing process.

Exceptional Service: Our team ensures a warm welcome and professional treatment, transforming your breakdown into a seamless experience with a smile.

Cutting-edge Techniques: Utilizing the latest tools and methods, our experts handle various towing situations with precision and speed, instilling confidence that you’re in capable hands.

Swift Delivery: Valuing rapid response and effective service, Lehi Towing Company minimizes disruptions to your day, facilitating a prompt return to your journey.

Choosing Lehi Towing Company goes beyond acquiring a mere tow; it involves experiencing a comprehensive service that underscores safety, expertise, timeliness, and cutting-edge towing technology. Witness the distinction with our dedicated team, prepared to deliver exceptional towing solutions across Utah County. Our commitment transcends towing; it’s about ensuring a secure, skilled, and timely resolution for your roadside challenges.

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